Paresa Collection

We dare to be different. We search for the new, exploring what's possible.

Drawing from decades in leadership, board, and management advisory services, we are recognised globally as a source of quality value delivery.

Together with faculty experts, specialists and innovative thinkers, we are trusted by the best of future leadership.

Connecting the Dots

We created PARESA COLLECTION, offering explorative leadership retreats with a purpose for the inquiring mind, combining knowledge with invigorating well-being and authentic experiences and time for slowing down in utmost comfort.

We cultivate powerful conversations, collective knowledge and insights among high-calibre leaders and experts from leadership, management and boards across industries and geographies.

Join us as we host our immersive experiences around the world. Enjoy a tailored programme in our signature PARESA COLLECTION style.


All our signature retreats generate a delightful journey, enhancing work and life, reframing and exploring innovative possibilities and solutions, and making a difference for you in the fast-changing world of our time.

We host at exceptional locations we carefully select, choosing environmentally friendly properties combining conscientious sustainability concepts.

Each place is unique and with high-level facilities. It is where we bring to full-bloom concepts and ideas, build meaningful relationships and deep dive into business topics and trends on personal career development and mental and physical wellbeing pursuits.

Our Partners

PARESA COLLECTION offers unique escapes for strategic and purpose-led leadership retreats moderated by the best experts and champions from the business world, faculty and experts attentively attuned to vitality and human performance - without unplugging you from your world completely.

What's More

The concept of PARESA COLLECTION inspires time well-spent, embracing life's great adventures of lifelong learning.

PARESA COLLECTION getaways include a range of exhilarating explorations according to location and the individual retreat concept.

Complimenting,  award-winning photographers, historians from the community and body and mind experts will take you to explore game-changers in life and business through the lens of creativity, discovery, focus and performance.

Expect enriching experiences

We appreciate your interest in our highly tailored programmes offering unique experiences and insights dedicated to synthesising clarity, impact, and breakthrough solutions.

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