Carin Beumer

Carin Beumer currently serves as a non-executive Board Director of several For-Profit organizations in the life-sciences sector and Non-for-Profit organizations in the international humanitarian sector and education.

The commonalities between these organizations are health & wellbeing, specialist expertise, discovery & innovation, and purpose.

As a Board Director Carin serves in various board roles: Chair of the Board, Chair of the Safeguarding Committee, member of the Audit and Risk Committee, Finance Committee and Remuneration & Nomination Committee.

In the past 25 years Carin co-founded several start-ups in the life-sciences: biotech, ag-tech and consumer health companies, situated in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Malaysia.

The international humanitarian organizations which she serves are headquartered in the USA and the Netherlands and are active across the Global South, focused on fragile states. The educational institute is based in Switzerland.

Preceding her life as an entrepreneur, Carin worked at investment banks in Amsterdam and London, specializing in project finance in developing countries.

Carin graduated from the Free University in Amsterdam with a degree (doctorandus) in Economics and a BSc from the Breda University of Applied Sciences.

She is a certified International Board Director: IDP-C (Insead 2019-2020).

Carin is passionate about the discovery and development of solutions for significant problems to humanity (climate change, anti-microbial resistance, obesity) and about creating opportunities for people who have limited access to health care services and education. She believes strongly that health, knowledge and career opportunities are critical for the wellbeing of people.

Carin has lived experience in the Netherlands, where she grew up, the USA, the UK, Austria, Malaysia, Switzerland, France.

She travels across the world, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand different aspects of life. Her professional activities and global network require extensive travelling.

Carin is an avid reader, with main interests in global affairs, economic development, physical and mental health & wellbeing. She enjoys long hikes in nature, skiing and swimming.

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