Cecile Hofer

Cecile Hofer is Chair of Paresa Collection, Publisher of Passione Lifestyle, and Joint Founder and Managing Partner of AMROP Singapore.

A firm believer that investing in the best people and looking beyond the curve's potential is a pillar of any successful enterprise, for over 30 years, she shares her extensive expertise in Leadership Consulting and Board Services with a global clientele. Her speciality knowledge is put into practice advising corporations, including family-owned enterprises and venture capitalists, on Leadership and board consulting.

At Paresa Collection, a bespoke ecosystem and panel of faculty experts and seasoned business leaders, she is the creative mind and adviser for delivering top-level executive and think tank retreats with curated content for the Board, Management and Entrepreneurs of the enterprising Global Business community held at unique locations around the world.

At the Media Journal Passione Lifestyle, she directs its bespoke journey of the latest global trends and perspectives, focusing on business, lifestyle, culture, heritage, extraordinary travel, and longevity.

She serves as a Council Member of Asia Pacific & Middle East of AESC, representing the regional interests of members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) and the Nomination Committee of Women in Payments ASEAN.

Always in motion, you will find her combining a busy professional life and a deep passion for sports, photography and design. As a firm believer in lifelong learning, she advocates keeping moving mind and body, inspiring, sharing with others, and living a life well-lived.

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