Imagination In Motion

The Baseline

Many breakthroughs are already happening in a world of dynamic change and reinvention. Today, transformation on all fronts - more than ever - requires strategic vision, purpose-led management and leadership and an understanding of its fundamentals to drive personal development and strengthen organisations' sustainability.

In our hybrid world, building and maintaining connections is critical for oneself and as a visionary leader

The Purpose

Exploring the richness of topics at the intersection of divergent thinking about personal growth, business, environment and society, we create the space for deep dialogue and immersive experiences.

Our participants are board members, senior management and their business relations from around the world who recognise the reason to invest in a flow of self-inquiry and explorative experiences critical to anyone's fundamental core purpose.

We engage the best minds in their field and build on compelling research, trends, insights and experience.

Retreats are intimate and limited to a small number of participants and most beneficial for an exclusive leadership team or a board retreat, and ideal for stakeholders wishing to create a memorable experience of knowledge and bonding for their clients and business relations.

Leadership retreats are a powerful journey for shaping personal development, business vision and strategy

The Mission

A fusion of perspectives, ideas, vision and culture adds to the potential of candid discussions co-created by faculty, business and wellbeing experts, where reflection, potential, issue solving, and creativity are core for future planning.

Or you may wish to celebrate accomplishments and formulate a trail for future goals!

Take engaging in deep dialogue, focused and seeing the big picture alike, the extraordinary experience of exploration and a relaxed atmosphere, and you are on an unforgettable journey.

Lifelong learning is a lifestyle and the differentiation

The Takeaway

As everything has an endpoint, so do the three to five days of retreating.

The outcome of its purposeful content is turbo-boosting aspects of change and potential. Resplendent in knowledge, exceptional insights, evaluation of gaps, mission, values and action plans, balancing body and mind with rejuvenating experiences and building meaningful connections with like-minded peers.

Participants engage with their cohort of like-minded peers, business experts, faculty members, and specialists - enlightened understandings are the return on investment.

A pre-and post-planning checklist, individual survey or psychometric assessments by request, or 'thinking' preparation is thoughtfully tailored to each retreat agenda.

Together with our participants we create amazing visions

The Courage

Imagine building on the acquired knowledge and staying ahead of the game. Life’s journey is a process, and not losing sight of potential is vital for individuals, peers and leaders today and the NEXT.

Be inspired and join the LOTUS CLUB - a place of inspiration and discoveries. As a member, your privileges include access to an exclusive and diverse global business and lifestyle community of all gender from around the globe, exclusive events, special terms and concierge services for our immersive retreats.

Membership at this point is strictly available to past participants of our retreats and is subject to a screening process.

Leadership with heart

Positively impacting our communities - at both business and personal levels - is part of our core DNA. We believe that everyone deserves access to good education and that leading with kindness and empathy is important for business leaders.

PARESA COLLECTION supports educational and grassroots charitable organisations that deliver impactful resources and services toes, focusing their communiti on developing potential.

Where Leaders Trailblaze

We appreciate your interest in our highly tailored programmes offering unique experiences and insights dedicated to synthesising clarity, impact, and breakthrough solutions.

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