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Travel with Confidence

Our leadership retreat programmes are held at carefully selected destinations across Asia and Europe. If any new travel restrictions are put in place at the local destination, which fall beyond our control, Paresa Collection endeavours to inform you immediately, and alternative plans will be made. However, we suggest you always follow public announcements closely. Paresa Collection does not accept any liability of any nature.

Due to the ongoing and often rapid changes to travel restrictions currently, please be assured that Paresa Collection is in regular contact with all our destination hosts and will advise you accordingly of any new information which may impact your travel.

We advise all our valued clients to carefully review the terms of their travel and risk insurance policy prior to travel and ensure that they have suitable medical travel insurance in place to cover the duration of their stay.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you are unable to attend one of our retreat programmes, Paresa Collection will offer you an alternative future date on which you may redeem your booking.

This must be taken up within twelve calendar months from the date of the original booking.

We require a minimum of one calendar week's notice in writing should the need to cancel arise. If no such notice is given, we reserve the right to withhold future bookings and retain any payments made to us in respect of the retreat.

We appreciate your interest in our highly tailored programmes offering unique experiences and insights dedicated to synthesising clarity, impact, and breakthrough solutions.

Please kindly furnish us with your interest below.